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Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms (2023) English Subtitles (500 downloads)

Lord Su Hu of Jizhou openly defies King Di Yi of the Shang dynasty, prompting the ruler to dispatch an army led by Prince Yin Shou to quell the rebellion. The Shang forces suffer significant losses during the siege of Jizhou’s fortress. Breaking through parts of the wall, Shou leads a cavalry charge with his personally trained hostage-son warriors, resulting in the decimation of the Su clan. Su Daji, the daughter of Su Hu, attempts honor suicide, but miraculously survives the destruction, falling into the hands of Shou’s warriors.

Presenting the severed head of Lord Su and the captured Daji to his royal father, Shou’s victory is marred by unexpected chaos. During the celebratory feast, Crown Prince Qi, Shou’s brother, descends into madness and murders King Yi. Qi is accidentally killed by Ji Fa, a hostage-son from the western state of Xiqi. In the aftermath, Shou ascends to the throne following the line of succession. However, divination during the coronation reveals a curse upon the Shang dynasty due to the patricide leading to Shou’s rule. To appease the heavens and save the realm, Shou vows to build a sacrificial pyre for self-immolation.

Meanwhile, the Immortals of Kunlun contemplate releasing the Investiture Scroll, entrusted to their safekeeping for 500 years, possessing the power to restore order and save the world from the curse. Jiang Ziya, a disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun, volunteers to sacrifice forty years of immortality to deliver the Scroll to the mandated overlord. However, he discovers the intended recipient is an amoral tyrant and decides against delivering the powerful artifact. Shen Gongbao, a rival alchemist monk, seeks the scroll’s powers and attempts to trap the immortals. They manage to escape with the Scroll, pursued by Crown Prince Yin Jiao and Ji Fa. In a confrontation with Ziya’s superpowered nephew-disciples, Nezha and Yang Jian, Ji Fa abandons the Scroll to rescue Yin Jiao.

The narrative unfolds as the Kunlun trio encounters Ji Chang, Ji Fa’s father and the Duke of the West, who discovers a green-skinned demon infant in the forest. Ji Chang decides to raise the infant, named Lei Zhenzi, at Kunlun. Simultaneously, Duke Chang secretly meets with the other three dukes, expressing skepticism about Shou’s legitimacy. Their meeting is discovered, leading to their arrest for plotting treason. Shou forces the dukes’ hostage-sons to execute their fathers, resulting in a series of tragic events.

Amidst political turmoil, the narrative weaves through a complex web of supernatural occurrences, palace intrigues, and personal vendettas, creating a gripping tale of power, betrayal, and the struggle for justice in ancient China.

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