In 2015, ASI George Martin and his team, known as the Kannur Squad, embarked on a mission to locate a missing man in the Kannur-Virajpet forest area. Unfortunately, they discovered the man’s lifeless body, initially thought to be a suicide. However, George Martin, suspecting foul play, launched an investigation to uncover the truth. The squad identified the apparent suicider as Murugan, leading them to Coimbatore, where they unraveled a complex web involving Murugan’s wife Vanaja and his deceived nephew.

Fast forward to 2017, when a wealthy NRI businessman named Abdul Wahab was dacoited and murdered in Kasaragod. With the case going cold, SP Manu Needhi Cholan enlisted the expertise of the Kannur Squad. The team, led by George Martin, diligently pursued leads, eventually capturing a suspect named Riyas. Through interrogation, Riyas disclosed a sinister plot involving Ameer Shah and Zulfiqar Ali, the sons of a hotel owner in Qatar. These individuals, along with accomplices Hathooda and Bambiha, committed a heinous crime against Wahab and his family.

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The investigation took the squad to Mumbai, where they uncovered a crucial connection to Shiju Velayudhan. Tracking down Shiju, they learned that Ameer and Zulfiqar had deceived him about their location, leading the squad to Faizabad. With the assistance of constable Yogesh Yadav, they traced the culprits to Tikri village, arresting Pawan after a fierce confrontation with the villagers. Pawan revealed that Ameer, Zulfiqar, Hathooda, and Bambiha were involved in a series of robberies to fund an illicit ivory export trade across foreign markets, including Kerala, Karnataka, and other parts of India.

Following Pawan’s information, the squad managed to apprehend Hathooda and Bambiha on a train departing Payagpur. Fearing Ameer and Zulfiqar might be on the same train, George directed Jose and Shafi to board. Subsequently, they discovered Ameer and Zulfiqar’s escape to Babaganj and their potential journey to Nepal. The squad located the fugitives’ hideout near the Indo-Nepal border, engaging in a fierce confrontation. With the assistance of the Indian Army, the squad successfully arrested Ameer and Zulfiqar, bringing them back to Kerala to face justice.

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