In the year 2055, a nuclear warhead, triggered by artificial intelligence (AI), devastates Los Angeles, prompting Western nations to wage war against the AI menace to safeguard humanity from extinction. The New Asia alliance, comprising East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, resists this global conflict and continues to embrace AI. The military’s primary objective is to eliminate “Nirmata,” the elusive mastermind behind the AI’s advancements. To counter AI threats, the USS NOMAD (North American Orbital Mobile Aerospace Defense) is created, functioning as an advanced space station capable of launching devastating orbital attacks.

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U.S. Army sergeant Joshua Taylor, operating undercover with his pregnant wife Maya Fey, becomes a target when military forces, suspecting Maya to be Nirmata’s daughter, attack their home. Exposed as a covert operative, Taylor’s wife is struck by a NOMAD strike as she attempts to escape. Fast forward five years, Taylor is now part of the ground zero cleanup crew in Los Angeles. General Andrews and Colonel Howell approach him to join a mission aimed at destroying a new weapon devised by Nirmata, “Alpha O,” with the potential to shift the war balance in favor of AI. To sway him, they show Taylor a video suggesting Maya is alive, encouraging him to reunite with her by joining the mission.


In New Asia, Taylor, separated from the rest of the team, infiltrates the suspected weapon compound only to find a robotic “simulant” named “Alphie,” possessing the ability to remotely control technology. Against orders, Taylor spares Alphie and together, they seek Taylor’s former commanding officer, Drew. Drew reveals Alphie’s exponential growth in technological control abilities, making her a formidable weapon. Facing attacks from New Asian forces, Taylor and Alphie are captured by Harun, a simulant soldier and Taylor’s former ally.

Harun discloses that the Los Angeles detonation was a human coding error, and AI only seeks peaceful coexistence. After escaping captivity, Taylor rescues Alphie, but she is gravely wounded by McBride during an attack. Rushed to Maya, Taylor discovers she has been in a coma since the previous strike, tended to by simulant monks. Alphie, based on Taylor and Maya’s unborn daughter, is revealed to have been scanned in utero. Distraught, Taylor removes Maya from life support as Harun kills Howell, emphasizing the necessity to destroy NOMAD to end the war.

Captured by U.S. forces, Taylor and Alphie are taken to Los Angeles. Taylor, under duress, seemingly kills Alphie with an electroshock weapon, but this is later revealed to be a ploy. The duo escapes before Alphie can be incinerated, boarding a lunar shuttle to NOMAD. Alphie forces the spacecraft to land on NOMAD just as a large-scale assault on AI bases is ordered. While Alphie disables NOMAD’s power, Taylor plants an explosive. As Taylor attempts to reach the escape pod, Andrews activates a robot, forcing him to eject the pod with Alphie inside. NOMAD explodes, halting the strike. In his final moments, Taylor embraces a simulant resembling Maya, activated by Alphie using Howell’s downloaded information. Taylor and Maya’s simulant perish as NOMAD explodes, while Alphie returns to Earth, witnessing people celebrating NOMAD’s destruction.

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