An adept professional assassin, known only as “The Killer,” stakes out a hotel room in Paris, awaiting a target scheduled to check in at an unspecified time. During the vigil, he engages in routine activities like eating, practicing yoga, listening to the Smiths, and conversing with his handler, an attorney named Hodges. The Killer reflects on the mundane nature of his job, highlighting his cynicism and lack of empathy as assets in his line of work. When the target arrives with a dominatrix, The Killer attempts a sniper shot but inadvertently hits the dominatrix. Escaping successfully, he eludes the police and heads to the United States under one of his many aliases.

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Returning to his hideout in the Dominican Republic, The Killer discovers a break-in and that his girlfriend Magdala survived an attack by assassins sent by Hodges to eliminate loose ends for the client. Seeking retribution, he traces the taxi driver, Leo, who assisted the attackers. After identifying them, The Killer eliminates Leo and heads to Hodges’ office in New Orleans. Disguised as a sanitation worker, he confronts Hodges, destroying electronic records and attempting to extract information with a nail gun. Hodges unexpectedly dies, prompting The Killer to silence Hodges’ secretary, Dolores, who offers information in exchange for a swift and inconspicuous death.

Traveling to St. Petersburg, Florida, The Killer incapacitates the brutish assassin’s pit bull and confronts the assassin, sustaining injuries but ultimately prevailing. He then journeys to Beacon, New York, confronting an older assassin in a restaurant. The Expert questions The Killer’s motivations, and their encounter ends with her demise, revealing a hidden dagger. The final destination is Chicago, where the client, Claybourne, resides. The Killer observes Claybourne’s routine, clones his keycard, and confronts him. Claybourne claims ignorance of the retaliation hit’s details, and The Killer spares him, issuing a warning.

Returning to the Dominican Republic, The Killer, alongside the recovering Magdala, begins adapting to a retired life.

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